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Aerial Screenshot of Animal Crossing Island

Island Dream Address: DA-6439-2496-4580

Some feedback from visitors:

  • What a beautiful island! I feel so inspired after visiting. I loved that there were tools, an outfit, and some fun things waiting for me when I got there. Told my friends to come visit too. XO – by otis
  • What a lovely island! I especially loved your “witchy” section in your basement, Redd’s secret beach, and the dark fairy forest! ❤ Your attention to detail is astounding! – by Edie
  • Amazing island! Great job.. love the tools and outfit 🙂 I had a blast looking around, thank you!! – by knifeyspooney
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Landscape Screenshot of Animal Crossing Island

Island Dream Address: DA-7517-3162-8388


Some feedback from visitors:

  • Completely adored all the callbacks and Easter eggs to the source material. I’m someone who only ever saw the movies- and didn’t read the books. But I caught so many references throughout your island. I caught myself yelling “ah-ha!” a few times. – by johndlc914
  • Great work! Loved discovering all of the little Easter eggs. My favorite moment in the journey was stumbling across the room of requirement. So many little details. Might be fun to have the sorting hat at the entrance of your island. Just a thought. Soooo much fun! Thanks for all your hard work – by Un4seenCircumstance
  • This island is amazing! I love the thoughtful touches everywhere, like the presents with the mage robe and hat near the plaza so you can get into character, and all the villagers’ catchphrases.- by quinnanya
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Interior Design Screenshot

Island Dream Address: DA-6984-5523-9028


Some feedback from visitors:

  • One of the coolest islands I’ve been to! Very nicely done <3 – by KCkeesey
  • Absolutely stunning!! Holy cow! Love your scavenger hunt idea. Your layout is fantastic and all the spooky ideas are so creative. The mines look so convincing! Your house is incredible too. The back room looks just like a captain’s quarters on a ship and the downstairs is soooo cool!! Just amazing, wow! – by daisie19
  • Loved your Halloween town! I thought it was so creative how you made the pumpkin patches in ghosts out of hats and clothing. I also really enjoyed the long bridge that it appears you Tara formed and used book shelves to create. Very creative island! – by Clarklm4
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