Halloween Themed Island Dream Address

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Need inspo on Halloween decorations? 

Look no further as players have submitted variety of Halloween themed island dream addresses for you to explore!

Here are a few latest submissions:

Cover image of a Halloween themed island named Bangtan

Dream Address: DA-1615-8575-7962

Designed by: @hallohorizons

Island Photos & Reviews: https://acnhtour.com/island/bangtan/

Welcome to Bangtan – a Halloween wonderland where the spooky fun festivities are 24/7. This island has everything you need to get you in your Halloween feels; a Spirit Halloween for all of your costume/mask needs, a picturesque Jack-o-lantern garden, Trunk r’ Treat with a candy stall nearby, the best live (but not REALLY live) Skeleton band fronted by the extremely talented Scarecrow lead singer and much more! Don’t forget to pay your respects to the fallen Spider king before greeting the mayor of Bangtan who lives in his very own graveyard near the beach. There is so much spooky fun to explore on Bangtan so change into your best costume and – of course – Happy Halloween!


Dream Address: DA-2735-6556-4779

Designed by: @charmaine

Island Photos & Reviews: https://acnhtour.com/island/freedom-2

This island has recently seen developments to include elements of Halloween decorations. It is also an island themed around cluttercore with mixture of cottagecore and fairycore.

Once you arrived under dream state, head over to the right of RS where there are gifts to open and use for taking cute photos around the island.

Luna Isle
Cover image of a Halloween themed island named Luna Isle

Dream Address: DA-1861-6479-7771

Designed by: @brookevainly

Island Photos & Reviews: https://acnhtour.com/island/luna-isle-3/

All Hallows’ Eve has bewitched the island

Luna Isle is near completion as Halloween draws near. This Whimsical Halloween town has been taken over by the Witches and Wizards of the island to capture the spirit of All Hallows Eve.

Can you find all 5 candy pieces in the haunted maze?


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